• Paleo Easter Eggs
  • Spinach Stuffed Chicken
  • Cholesterol Myth – Inflammation Is The Real Enemy
  • Ginger Fat Bombs
  • Super Power Ice Blocks
  • LCHF Spinach And Feta Pie

Paleo Easter Eggs

Paleo Easter Eggs I have to say these are the easiest little things to make, and only takes 20 minutes until they are ready to eat. Paleo Easter Eggs are a tasty little treat with no added sugar, egg free, dairy free, grain free, nut free, gluten free little bundles of joy. Easter eggs these…

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Spinach Stuffed Chicken

Spinach Stuffed Chicken – Ditch The Carbs motto is “Real Food, Real Easy” and this recipe is no exception. I love throwing some simple ingredients together that are nutritious and attractive. These spinach stuffed chicken parcels make it look like it’s actually taken some effort (but we won’t tell anyone how easy they are ). If you…

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You simply have to try these Paleo Easter Eggs. They are grain free, egg free, dairy free, gluten free, nut free and full of deliciousness. Take a look at all the other amazing recipes. | ditchthecarbs.com

Paleo Easter Eggs

Paleo Easter Eggs I have to say these are the easiest little things to make, and only takes 20 minutes until they are ready to eat. Paleo Easter Eggs ...

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Ginger Fat Bombs are the most delicious of all the fat bombs I have tried. Full of beautiful and healthy coconut oil and delicious ginger to keep hunger at bay and those carbs away. For more low carb, grain free recipes, see ditchthecarbs.com | ditchthecarbs.com

Ginger Fat Bombs

Ginger Fat Bombs -   I have made a few fat bomb recipes and these ginger fat bombs have to be my favourite. Fat bombs will keep you fuller for ...

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Super Power Ice Blocks are a fabulous little treat for children in the summer (and us if we can get one). They are no added sugar, no preservatives, no additives and full of healthy berries, coconut cream, yoghurt and spinach. Come and take a look at how easy these are to make. | ditchthecarbs.com

Super Power Ice Blocks

Super Power Ice Blocks  Do you have trouble getting your children to eat their leafy greens? Try these super simple Super Power ice blocks. They'll ...

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LCHF Spinach and feta pie is such a fabulous dish for the family dinner or cold at picnics and school lunches. It is gluten free, grain free, no added sugar and nutritious with all that spinach and mint. Take a look. | ditchthecarbs.com

LCHF Spinach And Feta Pie

LCHF Spinach And Feta Pie Nothing tastes as good as a LCHF spinach and feta pie and nothing looks as beautiful. All those leafy greens just make you ...

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Low Carb Hot Cross Buns are dairy free (if not served with butter), nut free, gluten free, grain free, no added sugar, paleo and low carb. For more ideas, go to the website. | ditchthecarbs.com

Low Carb Hot Cross Buns

Low Carb Hot Cross Buns Last week when I posted my Paleo Easter Eggs, someone asked if I had a recipe for a low carb hot cross bun. I've managed to ...

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Sugar and Grain Free Cinnamon Crunch is a fabulous healthy alternative to sugar laden cereals in the morning. Make a big batch every few weeks and enjoy with berries, yoghurt and milk. | ditchthecarbs.com

Grain Free Cinnamon Crunch

Sugar & Grain Free Cinnamon Crunch I've been promising to post this recipe for a while, so here it is. Sugar free and grain free cinnamon crunch ...

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Super Simple Sugar And Grain Free Granola Bars. Made in the blender, these are a fabulous and healthy alternative to store bought granola/muesli bars. They are gluten free, grain free, wheat free and no added sugars. | ditchthecarbs.com

Grain Free Granola Bars

 Sugar Free & Grain Free Granola Bars Do you still rely on muesli/granola bars for school lunches? Try these which are free of sugar, grains, ...

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Low Carb Kids 6 | ditchthecarbs.com

Low Carb Kids 6

1 Month Of School Lunchbox Ideas    See the full list of food in each lunchbox at the end of the post. All children will benefit from ...

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Chocolate Fat Bombs. Made with coconut oil, cocoa, walnuts and tahime. They are sugar free and dairy free. Paleo, primal, LCHF, Banting. | ditchthecarbs.com

Chocolate Fat Bombs

Chocolate Fat Bombs Are you over your fear of fat? If you are hungry do you reach for carbs, protein or a healthy fat? If you want to keep your carbs ...

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Crustless Bacon & Egg pie. An incredibly easy recipe which is grain free, gluten free, wheat free and low carb. | ditchthecarbs.com

Crustless Bacon And Egg Pie

Crustless Bacon And Egg Pie This is such an easy recipe. Just turn the oven on and by the time it is up to temperature, you will have thrown all the ...

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Low Carb High Fat Conference | ditchthecarbs.com

LCHF Summit

The first Low Carb High Fat LCHF summit is taking place now, Feb 2015, in Capetown, South Africa. They have 16 of the very best low carb experts, ...

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